Friday, November 25, 2011

Strive by California artist Nancy Eckels - abstract, contemporary, modern art, painting

I recently participated in an event for a local group called
Single Mothers Outreach.  Several artists were paired with
women being honored for overcoming great odds to become
successful in their lives and careers, and each artist
created a piece of artwork to represent that woman.
Tamara, the lovely lady that I was paired with, 
was pregnant at age 16, married to the father, 
had additional children and was eventually
divorced, but managed to get herself educated and elevated
enough to become the CEO of her own regional bank.
This painting reflects my impressions of Tamara.
I’ve used the color red to symbolize the courage, heart, 
and energy of her story…..the blue to introduce a bit of
a cool and levelheaded feel.  The earthy neutrals give a 
glimpse into a different side of Tamara that is grounded
and very much connected to her family. Tamara doesn’t
give the impression of someone who has battled, but of 
someone who used her intelligence, humanity,
perseverance,and creativity to get where she is today. 
I believe that Tamara broke barriers with her career,
but I’m guessing that there were many barriers that she just
found a way around using her mind and her intuition.

Click on the image to see larger version.
Acrylic on canvas   36" H x 36" W x 1.5" D
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